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Project Management

  • Construction Project Management is a controlled methodology of managing a building project from its conception to completion to ensure it is completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

  • Construction Project Management separates the management function of a project from the design and execution functions.

  • Construction Project Management provides the essential support & advice necessary for every building project.

  • Murphy Design & Build Solutions has a proven track record of completing projects on time and on budget. The Construction Project Management team has a broad-based knowledge across all project types.

  • Murphy Design & Build Solutions has experience in project management in one-off dwellings to extensions to renovations, with budgets from €1,000 to €1,000,000

Design & Planning Applications

We provide design services for new buildings, extensions, alterations, conversions and refurbishments. Most of these types of developments will require planning permission; Murphy Design & Build solutions will advise and guide our clients through the often complex planning process.

Local Councils require different levels of information with all planning applications depending on the size, location and use of your proposed development. Murphy Design & Build Solutions covers all variations including retention permission , outline permission to full planning permission including:- full planning specifications and drawings; topographical surveys; landscape design; O.S. maps; newspaper notices; site notices; percolation test.

Stage Payment Certificates

Stage Payment Certificates are interim valuations carried out at various stages throughout the building process. These are required so that banks can release funds to their clients and allow the work to continue. Banks will require that these funds be released on the authority of a Certified Engineer or Architect. The amount being borrowed is then broken down into stage payments (usually around 4-5). An inspection must be carried out prior to the stage payment being issued. If the structure to that point is within Building Regulations and in accordance with the granted Planning Permission, an Interim Payment Certificate (Stage Payment) may be issued.

Legal Mapping / Boundaries

Difficulties can arise in the conveyance of property. Folio maps often do not match the original “dealing map”. By working with the client, solicitor and land registry we will confirm that the land being transferred does exactly match the folio created and lodged in the land registry.

Certificates of Compliance

It is crucial that all aspects of the building work are carried out to the relevant Building Regulations. This is critical in order to ensure that the dwelling performs over the long term both structurally and in terms of its thermal requirements. Greater emphasis is being placed on conservation of energy and this has been echoed in recent changes to Part L of the Building Regulations.

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